Dr. Prabhat Kumar (IAS)

Dear Floorball Enthusiasts & Friends,


Welcome to the Indian Floorball federation. Time when I took over as President of Indian Floorball Federation (InFF) couple of years ago, we were at a very nascent stage. Though InFF have grown very fast, we have a huge task ahead of us – to promote floorball in our country to become globally competitive. With the kind of energy, vigour, initiative, creativity and enthusiasm demonstrated by our players, coaches and others, I am sure that the task of becoming global player in floorball shall not be very difficult for India.

We have taken a number of initiatives for promotion and development of floorball in India and it is a matter of great pride that floorball has now been included in the list of National School Games organised by School Games Federation of India (SGFI). Not only this, the InFF have started working on a number of fronts simultaneously and I am happy to inform that we are successfully conducting the floorball championships at District, State and National level regularly. Capacity building is another area which is our main focus and we are regularly organising training camps for our players, coaches and referees to share with them the latest developments in floorball. Recently, we were able to organise the International Floorball Development Seminar for our coaches with the assistance of International Floorball Federation. Our endeavour would be to give more and more international exposure to our players, coaches and referees.

Friends, this would require a very pro-active involvement of all of us for the following objectives:

(i) Technically and financially sound active State Floorball Associations,

(ii) Extension of floorball in a big way at University, College and School level,

(iii) Promotion of formation of new floorball clubs at different levels to increase competitition and to involve more and more people,

(iv) Participation at the international and regional level in various competitions,

(v) Seeking support from the Union and the State Governments,

(vi) To associate private organisations for sponsoring floorball; and

(vii) To create a strong training/coaching infrastructure.

Friends, let us join hands together to synergise our efforts to achieve these objectives.

Finally, I would like to convey my special thanks to all those involved in the game –National Executive members, State Units, Coaches and Referees and most importantly our Players. Apart from pursuit of excellence on the pitch, your continuing support for the Federation off the field is much appreciated. Withour your active participation, support and contribution, our Federation could not function. With your commitment and team effort we are poised to take much bigger strides in coming years.

I am sure, like me, you are also looking forward to a bright and successful future of FLOORBALL in India.

Dr. Prabhat Kumar

President, India Floorball Federation

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