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7th National Floorball Development Seminar

7th National Floorball Development Seminar for Coaches
Referees & Officials in Mysore
Karnataka, India

The Indian Floorball Federation (InFF) and Karnataka Floorball Association (KSFA) successfully conducted the 7th National Floorball Development Seminar for coaches, referees & Official at Atrium Boutique Hotel, Mysore, Karnataka ,August 13th – 14th 2016.

The seminar was held under the guidance of Dr. Prabhat Kumar (IAS) President (InFF), Opening Ceremony Chief Guest Mr K. Srikanth Rao Former National Champion (Skating) & 1995 Indian team Coach . Special Guest Mr Atul Gupta, Sr Vice President, Indian Floorball Federation , Closing Ceramony Chief Guest Mr Harinder Kumar Executive Member of AOFC and with the support of Mr Shubhakar B Rao, President & Prijo Johny General Secretary of Karnataka Floorball Association (KSFA).

7th National Floorball Development Seminar

This was a continuation of the last National Floorball Seminar for referees and coaches, which was held at Surat ,Gujarat in 2015. This program for coaches and referees provided added value and also the extra edge to floorball to gain its expansion in pan India. 58 participants were invited from all over India and the main aim and objective of the seminar was to prepare the well qualified referees and coaches for the future events.

7th National Floorball Development Seminar

During the two days seminar, the participants got familiar with the rules & regulations of floorball. They were also taken through methods and procedures as well as all technical aspects of floorball, This entire training session was conducted by Mr Ashok Kumar ,Mr JItender Singh ,Mr Pankaj Tiwari , Ms Sangeeta Rathi & Dr Pradeep Singh General Secretary (InFF).

After two days of theory and rigorous practical sessions, all participants were tested through written tasks and physical efficiency tests to understand their knowledge level after the trainings.

7th National Floorball Development Seminar

On successful completion of seminar all the qualified referees , coaches & Official were awarded with Certificates with appropriate grading.



10th National Floorball Championship- Gwalior India

10th National Floorball Championship 2O15 – 16
Men and Women
ITM University, Gwalior (India)

We are growing and growing with leap and bounds. InFF successfully conducted 10th National Floorball Championship in Men and Women Category from 14th to 16th January 2016. Opening ceremony took place in the auspicious presence of Dr. Prabhat Kumar (IAS), President- InFF, Mrs. Maya Singh, Minister for Women and Child Development , Madhya Pradesh. Mr. Rama Shankar Singh, Chancellor- ITM University, Mr. Atul Gupta, Sr. Vice President- InFF and Mrs. Ruchi Singh Chauhan, Vice President- ITM University. Participants from 16 states constituting 410 Plus players participated in this tournament.
Mr. Rama Shankar Singh, Chancellor ITM University announced that ITM University will soon make a Floorball Arena.

The ceremony kick started with floating of balloons followed by declaration by Dr. Prabhat Kumar and Lamp Lightening of lamps by Mrs. Maya Singh.
Dr. Prabhat Kumar congratulated each player to be part of this event. He showed his confidence on floorball becoming most popular game in India.

In this eye freezing tournament which span of three days, using two court, a total of 62 matches were played. Tournament was organized in league cum knockout. There was a tough competition amongst various states.Everyone was overwhelmed with the growing popularity of the game in India.

Result is as follows













Himachal Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh



S. No.


Men’s Category Women’s Category


Best Player of the Championship

Mrinal Naugin (Delhi)



Raising Star Player of the Championship

Shivam Gulati (Delhi)

Sangeeta (Del)


Best Goalkeeper of the Championship

Rahul (Jharkhand)

Kanchan (HP)


Best Defender of the

Sagar (Delhi)


Dr. Sanjay Goyal, DM- Gwalior, Mr. Daulat Singh Chauhan, President Madhya Pradesh Floorball Association, Mr. Atul Gupta, Sr Vice President InFF and Dr. Pradeep Singh Gave away the prizes to all Wining, Runner and 2nd Runner up team of championship. Also Best player of tournament, best defender and best goal keeper awarded with trophy, Cash prizes and medals.
Mr. Daulat Singh Chauhan that as promised by the respectable Chancellor, Mr. Rama Shankar Ji, The Floorball Arena will take shape soon. He also offered to establish a National Floorball Academy under the aegis of Indian Floorball Federation.
This event shaped to reality due to the vision of Dr. Prabhat Kumar, President InFF, a great initiative and support of ITM University Gwalior and tireless effort of Mr. Atul Gupta, Sr. Vice President, InFF and Mr. Daulat Singh Chauhan, President – MPFA. The team of officials from ITM University under the guidance of Mr. Omveer Singh and Mr. Pankaj Tiwari, Secretary – MPFA and his team of volunteers did their best to make this even a big success.

Report Prepared by Pradeep Singh, General Secretary, InFF


Welcome to the World of Floorball

People are in agreement that floorball is an excellent alternative to Floor Hockey. The big difference between the two is that the rules of floorball do not allow for any high sticking, stick contact or body contact, so the game tends to be less physical than floor Hockey and more skill oriented and fast paced. It is a safer game! Floor ball is played using a stick with a curved and concave plastic blade. The shaft is shorter than a traditional hockey stick and round, which make it very maneuverable . This design allows for a shot that is more of a whipping or flicking type of motion as opposed to a slap shot.

The stick is not permitted to be above the waist (Knee for youth) on the back or fore stroke when taking a shot. There is no puck or heavy ball, instead a lightweight, plastic ball similar to whiffle ball is used. The ball is extremely fast and can be easily lifted, bounced and deflected. The rules of the game require fair play and promote heighten participation among all students.

In Floor ball, five players and one goalkeeper can be on the field at the same time. Each team can have a maximum of 20 players. The size of the field is 40X20 strand the field is surrounded by a rink that is 50 cm high. The playing surface is usually wood parquet or plastic cover. Each player has a stick –approved by the FFI which is a maximum of 120 cm long and make of synthetic material such as fiberglass or plastic. The maximum curvature of the blade is 30 mm. The goalkeeper is not allowed to use a stick, the ball is made of plastic, is 72 mm in diameter, has a maximum weight of 23 gm. And has 26 holes. The goal is 160 cm wide and 115 cm high. The match is supervised by two referees. Boarding and rough body contacts are forbidden and the stick may be used to hit the ball. For rule and violation, a penalty of 2, 5 or 10 minutes is imposed or a free stroke is awarded to the opposing team. A penalty shot is also possible.

Player may be changed when the ball is in play or in time-out there is not off-side rule in floor ball. The time is of the match consist or 3 x20 minutes at men’s and women’s upper level. The three last minutes of the second period are so-called “effective playing time”. The time at lower and junior levels is either 3 x 15 or 2 x15 minutes. Floorball is a fun, quick, and active sports. It provides a great workout in a fun environment.



Delhi Men’s Team – Champions of 9th Nationals in Men Section



Uttrakhand Women’s Team – Winner of 9th Nationals in Women’s Section



Mrinal Naugain – Best Player in Men’s Section


Mamta Negi – Best Player in Women Section


Pankaj Tiwari – Captain of MP Team



Madhya Pradesh Men’s Team – Men’s Runner Up of 9th National



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